[gdal-dev] Trying to write a gridded XYZ from an cloud of points...

Kyle Shannon kyle at pobox.com
Sun Nov 23 08:41:41 PST 2014


On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 12:33 PM, Wong Hua <wong.hua at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello, I am a osgeo4w user and very green in the field of geo data.
> I am using gdal_grid to grid and ungridded set of points (a CSV file).
> I ultimately want to use it with gdaltransform to change the projection type
> and gdaltransform does not work with ungridded files from my understanding.
> The problem I have is that when I use gdal_grid, I get :
> ERROR 6: GDALDriver::Create() ... no create method implemented for this
> format
> Unable to create target dataset "newgrid".
> GDALDriver::Create() ... no create method implemented for this format
> Here is the command line :
> gdal_grid -zfield field_3 -of xyz -l grid grid.vrt newgrid
> Is there anything I have to install to be able to write gridded XYZ files?
> Thanks for any help.
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The gdalgrid utility needs to write to a format that supports Create().  Try:

gdal_grid -zfield field_3 -of gtiff -l grid grid.vrt newgrid.tif
gdal_translate -of xyz newgrid.tif newgrid.xyz


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