[gdal-dev] Problem running GDAL 2.0.1 Win32 python bindings

Jim Lacy lacy at wisc.edu
Mon Dec 7 11:19:32 PST 2015


I'm successfully running GDAL 2.0.1 (dev), but the Python bindings are giving me a hassle.    Specifically, I'm getting the classic "ImportError: DLL load failed" error when attempting a "from osgeo import gdal" at the Python 3.4 console.

I'm using the Win32 MSVC 2010 ("1600") binaries and bindings from GISinternals, both dated November 11, 2015.

I've followed advice found on this list and also Stack Overflow: GDAL_DATA and GDAL_DRIVER_PATH environment variables are properly set; Python,  GDAL Core, and bindings are all on the same platform and compiler (Win32, MSVC 2010); and GDAL is the beginning of the system path.  I've also installed all the Visual C++ redistributable packages.

I should mention the same procedure works great with GDAL 1.11.3 and the 1.11.3 bindings.  No problems at all.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for any advice.

Jim Lacy
Wisconsin State Cartographer's Office
University of Wisconsin-Madison
(608) 262-6850
My calendar:  http://go.wisc.edu/xziys4

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