[gdal-dev] subclassing CPLODBCStatement and CPLODBCSession for DB2

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon Dec 28 10:02:27 PST 2015

Le mardi 22 décembre 2015 22:28:12, David Adler a écrit :
> I am subclassing these classes to provide additional support for DB2.
> It would simplify matters if some of the members of the parent classes
> were protected rather than private.
> The current CPLODBCStatement::Failed method is private but would be
> useful as public.

Perhaps would it make more sense to add what you need in CPLODBCStatement 
itself ? (difficult to tell with what you mentionned)

> There is also a peculiarity in CPLODBCSession::Failed that it ends up
> resetting m_szLastError when RollbackTransaction is invoked so
> GetLastError doesn't usually return anything useful about the actual
> failing statement.
> Is this something that would be worthwhile opening a ticket for?

Yes likely.

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