[gdal-dev] gdaltindex produces absolute paths

Pedro Venâncio pedrongvenancio at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 07:36:34 PST 2015


Some time ago I opened this bug report (http://hub.qgis.org/issues/11428),
because I thought it was a problem of the implementation of gdaltindex in
QGIS, but now I see that it isn't, because it also happens at the command

If I put the command line in the folder where the raster files are located
[0], gdaltindex works well, ie, with -write_absolute_path option, absolute
paths are saved in the attribute table, and without -write_absolute_path
option are saved only the names of files.

But if I reference the input raster files with the absolute paths [1] (for
example, when files are in different folders), the -write_absolute_path
option has no influence, because absolute paths are always recorded in the
attribute table.

This is the desired behavior, or is it a bug?

I'm using gdal 1.11.2 (OSGeo4W), in Windows.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Pedro Venâncio

[0] D:\test\2013\tiff> gdaltindex -f "ESRI Shapefile"
tile_index_processing_2.shp 171_2_52.tif 171_2_42.tif

[1] D:\> gdaltindex -f "ESRI Shapefile"
D:\test\2013\tiff\171_2_52.tif D:\test\2013\171_2_42.tif
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