[gdal-dev] building gdal200 with hdf 4&5 support for win64

Jacob Alexander Alexander.Jacob at eurac.edu
Tue Jul 7 02:23:22 PDT 2015


I have tried and failed several times now to compile gdal200 with active HDF4&5 for Win64.
Without hdf support it works flawlessly for me to compile it.
I have downloaded the latest releases of HDF4 (4.2.11) and HDF5(1.8.15). But in both cases I am missing the files that are supposed to be referenced in gdal under the HDF4_lib and HDF5_lib in the nmake.opt file coming with it. I have tried both the precompiled versions and compiling both HDF4 and HDF5 myself. In both cases I can successfully compile (using cmake and VS2013).
So my question is, where do these libraries come from? I am referring to WS2_32.lib for HDF4 and hdf5dll.lib.
What am I missing in order to compile gdal successfully with HDF support?

I am grateful for any hints leading me in the right direction.



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