[gdal-dev] Memory error for gdal_grid if using nearest

Armin Schmidt Armin.R.Schmidt at Gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 12:03:52 PDT 2015

I have a very simple point-shapefile which throws various memory 
allocation errors when I try to grid it with gdal_grid using "nearest", 
but works absolutely fine and fast when using the "invdist" algorithm. I 
never had this problem before. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong? 
If it would help I can provide the shapefile.

The stripped down command-line is:

gdal_grid.exe 02VHiDep_raw.shp test.tif -ot Float32 -of GTiff -zfield 
Cond1_mSm -l 02VHiDep_raw -a nearest

After taking some time (probably searching for the nearest neighbours), 
this throws:

ERROR 1: CPLMalloc(): Out of memory allocating 64 bytes.
FATAL: CPLMalloc(): Out of memory allocating 64 bytes.
ERROR 1: TIFFWriteDirectorySec:Out of memory
ERROR 2: Cannot allocate 8192 bytes
ERROR 1: TIFFWriteDirectorySec:Out of memory
ERROR 1: TIFFWriteDirectorySec:Out of memory

Grid data type is "Float32"
Grid size = (256 256).
Corner coordinates = (449675.737076 6895223.317256)-(449705.249717 
Grid cell size = (0.114835 0.053024).
Source point count = 3280.
Algorithm name: "nearest".
Options are 


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