[gdal-dev] osm_id vs osm_way_id?

Djordje Spasic issworld2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 2 04:00:21 PST 2016

Hi Jukka,

Thank you again for the explanation and information about GDAL history!!

> If I understand right you consider that instead of having now in the multipolygon layer relation_id as osm_id and way_id as osm_way_id it would be better to have way_id as osm_id and relation_id as osm_relation_id.  Perhaps yes, but for my mind the difference is not huge. 

> I guess that when the developer of the OSM driver stopped using the “polygons” layer they made the driver to write also the way polygons into the existing “multipolygons” layer. That layer already had osm_id so a new field osm_way_id was simply added into that layer.
That perfectly explains my question!!

> If you can prove that there are some general use cases where renaming the id fields of the multipolygons layer would be a big improvement, please file a feature request.

I do not have any big or moderate improvement in mind. Your explanation on OSM driver history cleared why is that so.

Thank you once again Jukka.
I owe you at least a beer for the help you provided for the last couple of weeks!
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