[gdal-dev] compilation error: jump to label 'free_warper'

Martin Landa landa.martin at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 10:32:33 PST 2016


I am unable to compile GDAL trunk on my Debian (unstable) since today.
The compilation fails with:

gdalwarpkernel.cpp: In function 'CPLErr GWKOpenCLCase(GDALWarpKernel*)':
gdalwarpkernel.cpp:4494:1: error: jump to label 'free_warper' [-fpermissive]
gdalwarpkernel.cpp:4280:22: note:   from here
                 goto free_warper;
gdalwarpkernel.cpp:4322:18: note:   crosses initialization of 'const
double dfErrorThreshold'
     const double dfErrorThreshold = CPLAtof(
gdalwarpkernel.cpp:4319:18: note:   crosses initialization of 'const
double dfSrcCoordPrecision'
     const double dfSrcCoordPrecision = CPLAtof(
gdalwarpkernel.cpp:4318:10: note:   crosses initialization of 'int* pabSuccess'
     int *pabSuccess = static_cast<int *>(CPLMalloc(sizeof(int) * nDstXSize));
gdalwarpkernel.cpp:4316:13: note:   crosses initialization of 'double* padfZ'
     double *padfZ =
gdalwarpkernel.cpp:4314:14: note:   crosses initialization of 'double* padfY'
     double * padfY =
gdalwarpkernel.cpp:4312:13: note:   crosses initialization of 'double* padfX'
     double *padfX =


g++ (Debian 5.4.1-4) 5.4.1 20161202

My configuration:

    CFLAGS="-Wall -g" CXXFLAGS="-Wall -g" \
        ./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-debug
--mandir=/usr/local/share \
        --with-sqlite3 --with-spatialite=/usr/local --with-python \
        --with-gnu-ld --with-threads --with-opencl

Any idea, thanks, Martin

PS: BTW, I was surprised that GDAL uses goto statements.

Martin Landa

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