[gdal-dev] How does GDAL OSM driver deal with closed ways?

Djordje Spasic issworld2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 4 17:01:43 PST 2016

I am using GDAL's ogr2ogr.exe to convert an .osm file to .shp files.

I noticed one thing I do not understand: OSM driver sometimes saves closed ways into both the multipolygons.shp and lines.shp files.
Why is that so?

Why are closed ways (like building footprints) sent to the lines.shp file? Shouldn't all of closed ways representing building footprints be saved to the multipolygons.shp file? Why are they sometimes saved into the lines.shp file as well?

I would be grateful for any kind of reply.

Thank you in advance.
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