[gdal-dev] R: Problem using ogrlineref

Dmitry Baryshnikov bishop.dev at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 00:26:24 PDT 2016

Hi Dan,

I see your tickets on debian bug tracker.
1. ogrlineref support all GDAL vector drivers with write capability
2. You didn't set -f (format) option, so default driver was set - ESRI 
shape file
3. I reproduce segmentation fault (will be fixed soon)
4. Current implementation have the only option to return distance along 
line for some geographic coordinates and coordinates for distance. So 
you need to loop every 500 meters to get what you want.
5. We tested using ogrlineref without any repers (reference point, 
milestones) and it works. You only need to add to OGRLayer three fields 
(beg type of REAL, end type of REAL and scale type of REAL).
6. KML is not good format as ogrlineref expect some attributes filled, 
but KML usually has the few attributes (NAME and Description). In that 
case ogrlineref cannot get some sensitive data from attributes.

Best regards,

01.07.2016 10:10, 積丹尼 Dan Jacobson пишет:
> I am trying to use the ogrlineref command.
> I can't even understand its man page.
> Maybe it only works on shapefiles.
> Maybe it only Seg Faults.
> How can I get the locations of the kilometer markers given only this KML:
> <Placemark>
>    <name>zaokeng main road 中45市道</name>
>    <LineString>
>      <tessellate>1</tessellate>
>      <coordinates>120.86817,24.17922,0.0 120.86816,24.17922,0.0...
>    </LineString>
> </Placemark>
> Let's say put the output into a new KML file.
> OK maybe I need these redundant starting and ending points too:
> <Placemark>
>    <name>Start</name>
>    <Point>
>      <coordinates>120.86817,24.17922,0.0</coordinates>
>    </Point>
> </Placemark>
> <Placemark>
>    <name>End</name>
>    <Point>
>      <coordinates>120.86696,24.16733,0.0</coordinates>
>    </Point>
> </Placemark>
> Anyway the man page is just a mishmosh to me.
> Maybe if you show me how to do it, then I can figure out what "reper"
> points are. They certainly aren't English. Maybe I don't need "reper"
> points. Maybe I am trying to produce "reper" point.
> Nobody knows.
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