[gdal-dev] GSoC GDAL DWG Support [Week 6]

Борзых Александр Андреевич 191980 at niuitmo.ru
Sun Jul 3 06:06:57 PDT 2016

Blogpost link<http://gsoc2016gdaldwg.blogspot.ru/2016/07/week-6-report.html>.

Last week I had to move back home, and I had to set up a new working environment, and it took a lot of time. Also, I changed priority a little, so 'probably to be done' tasks are done (EED), and 'to be done' task becomes next week task.

1. This week I've done:

Libopencad changes:

- ExtendedEntityData is now available by method vector< string > CADGeometry::getEED();

- ESRI SpatialRef is now available by method string CADFile::getESRISpatialRef();

OGR CAD Driver changes:

- EED support added (all EED are presented as a feature string attribute).

- *.prj file reading, or extracting it from CAD file, if not presented.

2. Plan on doing next week:

Polylines tesselation, spline geometry. Test library on a files with a lot of different objects (raster/vector). Fix CAD driver issue (described below).

3. Blocking:

As far as I can see Latest commits to libopencad crashed CAD Driver on my Mac. GDAL still builts fine, but calling ogrinfo with DWG file causes an endless loop somewhere in libopencad, however, tests are passed and cadinfo app works just fine. Currently I have no idea what can cause such behavior, and I am working on it.


libopencad github<https://github.com/sandyre/libopencad>

gdal + libopencad fork github<https://github.com/sandyre/gdal_libopencad>

Best regards,

Alexandr Borzykh
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