[gdal-dev] Error in GDALWarp to NWT_GRD

jramm jamessramm at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 06:40:49 PDT 2016

I have a strange error when reprojecting a dataset to NWT_GRD format. 


gdalwarp -of NWT_GRD -ot Float32 -t_srs EPSG:4326 test.tif test.grd

very quickly returns

Stepping through, I've traced this to a call to `GetLockedBlockRef` in
IRasterIO (rasterio.cpp) which is called when GDALWarp attempts to write the
first warped 'block' to the GRD dataset. 

Somehow, a flag - `bJustInitialize` gets set to false, causing
GetLockedBlockRef to attemp a read operation before writing the block. As no
data has yet been written to the dataset, this read operation fails.
(Specifically, line 316 of grddataset.cpp in frmts/northwood)

Im struggling to find the cause of this. I am wondering whether I have
missed some implementation detail in the Create method of the NWT_GRD

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