[gdal-dev] Error building 1.11.1 on MingW64 for 32-bit

William Kelly Magee William.Kelly.Magee at leidos.com
Thu Jul 14 05:28:40 PDT 2016

Hello all,

Trying to build a 32-bit version of gdal v1.11.1 on Windows10 using 
Mingw64 gcc 4.9.1 and getting an unresolved error at link time;

    undefined reference to `_imp__GetACP at 0'^

Prior to this I've been using MingW (not MingW64) and have not had any 
issues.  I need to use Mingw64 4.9.1 in order to support building Qt as 
part of the same build.

Have tried many of the suggestions posted on various sites but nothing 
seems to work.

Reaching out for any other suggestions?

- Kelly

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