[gdal-dev] C++ API for WCS: GetCapabilities and GDALOpen()

Odd Ragnar Lydersen Odd-Ragnar.Lydersen at powel.no
Thu Jul 21 06:36:12 PDT 2016

This is probably a stupid question, but I'm wondering if the WCS driver is missing something.

1) I have used the WFS driver, and the description xml file, which caches the GetCapabilitis result, so that I can get info from that file later.

2) The corresponding description xml file for the WCS driver does not support any calls to GetCapabilities. 
I'm required to give <CoverageName>SomeCoverage</CoverageName>, before I really know the name of the coverage. 
I can't give the GetCapabilities request in the url either. That results in an error from GDAL.

If I'm to open a new WCS in my program and list all available coverages, then I need to call GetCapabilities first. 
Does GDAL fetch this for me in some way, or do I have to parse the result from GetFeatureInfo in a separate routine?

Shouldn't the first call to GDALOpen() get the capabilitis for a given WCS, like it does for WFS?

PS! I'm using GDAL 1.11.1


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