[gdal-dev] Using GDAL WMS with https

Carl Godkin cgodkin at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 14:44:15 PDT 2016


For the first time, I'm trying to use WMS with a server with an "https" URL.

Unless I add <UnsafeSSL>true</UnsafeSSL> to the service description file or
set GDAL_HTTP_UNSAFESSL=YES before running my application, I get an error
like this:

  HTTP status code: 0, error: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local
issuer certificate.

Instead of declaring the site unsafe, I've got a root certificate bundle
that I would like to point at.  I tried setting CURL_CA_BUNDLE (suggested
by the curl documentation) to this file but it doesn't seem to help.

Is there a way to specify a CA bundle in this context?


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