[gdal-dev] compile error on windows

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Tue May 3 09:23:47 PDT 2016

On 2016-05-03 4:54 AM, Even Rouault wrote:
>> -EXTRAFLAGS     =     -I$(HDF5_DIR)\include -DWIN32 -D_HDF5USEDLL_
>> +EXTRAFLAGS     =     -I$(HDF5_DIR)\include -DWIN32
> Jeff,
> does the above match your experience ? We could probably define both
> _HDF5USEDLL_ and H5_BUILT_AS_DYNAMIC_LIB to address different versions.
> I see in https://www.hdfgroup.org/windows/faq.html that _HDF5USEDLL_ is still
> advised.

Hi Even,

I only set -D_HDF5USEDLL in /frmts/hdf5/makefile.vc and I don't have any 
issues compiling GDAL against HDF5-1.8.16

It likely comes down to how HDf5 is compiled (the cmake settings), which 
again calls for everyone to be sure to make sure these notes are 
recorded on the buildhints page (which by all the discussion here 
lately, that page should be getting lots and lots of edits lately - 
that's a strong nudge from me to everyone). 


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

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