[gdal-dev] Starting a discussion on style and coding guidelines

Joaquim Luis jluis at ualg.pt
Thu May 5 05:37:19 PDT 2016

I'm also updating my builds to support 2015 for a future inclusion in GMT.
There is, however, a bit storm ahead. Files created with HDF5.10 break  
compatibility with older versions and can't be read. Put netCDF in this  
bag as well. See GMT's #3495 for a recent case.


> On 2016-05-05 5:14 AM, Dmitry Baryshnikov wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I think it's time to go forward and shift to C++11 in i.e. GDAL 2.2 and
>> drop old staff as it was with Windows mobile support, VB, etc.
>> Yes, it may be some regression in ABI, but this is less evil than
>> support lot of ancient compilers.
>> During our work on cmake build system for GDAL I faced that some
>> dependency library needs VC2013SP2 on Windows - i.e liblzma, as it needs
>> C99.
>> We worked around it by including some logic to cmake, that if VC
>> compiler is less than specific version the support of dependent features
>> will be disabled.
>> By the way, the repo with cmake for GDAL is here:
>> https://github.com/nextgis-extra/lib_gdal
>> The ubuntu ppa of libgdal2 build using cmake:
>> https://launchpad.net/~nextgis/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+packages
>> Windows builds also using cmake: http://nextgis.ru/en/borsch/
> About a month ago I made the hard decision to upgrade my entire MS4W  
> build environment from VC 2008 to 2015.  Driving this is that PHP 7 only  
> supports 2015.
> The only GDAL dependent library not supported for VC 2015 is FileGDB  
> (I've seen an Esri developer state that 2015 SDK will be released with  
> their next FileGDB API upgrade).
> MrSID 9.5.1 SDK works well with 2015.
> I didn't try an ECW 5.x SDK, but the old 3.3 SDK works well with 2015.
> Short story is I support future GDAL builds requiring a more recent  
> Visual Studio compiler (2013+), as other projects are already doing so.
> For those packagers cringing in the thought of upgrading their whole  
> stack: join the club :)
> -jeff

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