[gdal-dev] Minimum supported C and C++ standards

Kurt Schwehr schwehr at gmail.com
Fri May 6 14:07:26 PDT 2016

There has been lively discussion on if/when GDAL moves to require compilers
with newer C and C++ standard versions.  This email is meant to fork the
this discussion away from the local stack + memset -> std::vector
discussion.  I'm trying to draft a proposal based on the discussion, but it
is a lot hardered.

I suggest folks think about starting off with an empty (or nearly empty)
white list of features and give a look at documents like:


GDAL is very different than Chromium, but I think it is great that they
have a place for contributors to get a summary of what is considered okay
and what is blacklisted.

We currently have experiments with override/final and std::mutex/lock_guard
for those compiling with GDAL >= C++11.  I think starting off with nullptr
might be a good and one of the simplest places to start.  Even suggested a
while ago making nullptr be a #define to NULL for C++03 and we current have
#ifdef NULL_AS_NULLPTR #define NULL nullptr in cpl_port.h, so it is already
setup for people to try.
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