[gdal-dev] Starting a discussion on style and coding guidelines

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon May 9 10:29:42 PDT 2016

>http://goo.gl/vuA3D6   (Especially after
> I fixed the "Status:"... which I just changed again). 

Looks good to me.

Perhaps 256 bytes as the threshold ? (a LUT of 256 byte elements would fit) By 
the way, is it a threshold per array or for all arrays of a given function ?

I can think of some *potentially* performance sensitive locations like 
RPCTransformPoint() that uses a double [20+1] array where, if it would be 
above the threshold, moving the array to a working structure 
(GDALRPCTransformInfo* in that instance), or to the upper layers if they call 
multiple times the subroutine, could both address the stack size and 
performance. But at that point it is hard to be able to predict that, so let's 
do no premature optimization.

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