[gdal-dev] Potential issue with Sentinel-1 SAFE driver

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Fri May 13 06:54:19 PDT 2016

> This is obviously wrong, since pixels in each swath correspond to
> different observed ground points. In other word, there is no meaning in
> stacking the response of pixel (0,0) of swath one with pixel (0,0) of
> swath two, since they do not observe the same target landscape.
> I think the best would be to report at least the different swath as
> subdatasets (as done in S2 driver). For the sake of simplicity,
> polarisations too could be exposed as subdatasets.


Looking quickly at the driver and with the observations you made, your 
suggestions make sense to me. The swaths should defintely be in separate 
subdatasets, and the GCP fetched from the appropriate annotation file. Whether 
polarisations of the same swath are in different subdatasets is a matter of 
taste (looking quickly in the code base I see the CPG driver also puts the 
polarizations as different bands of the same dataset). Perhaps Delfim has some 


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