[gdal-dev] Potential issue with Sentinel-1 SAFE driver

Julien Michel julien.michel at cnes.fr
Tue May 17 00:50:06 PDT 2016

Le 14/05/2016 11:28, Alessandro Amici a écrit :
> the internal structure of the single SLC subswath is where the real 
> mess starts. The tiff in the measurement folder are not actual images, 
> but are a container of tiles with black borders separating them. In 
> the metadata there are all the information on how to cut the non 
> overlapping tiles and how to rebuild them into a standard subswath 
> image. Furthermore some metadata, like the GCP info are given in a 
> weird and barely documented format. I don't know all the details as a 
> colleague worked on that, but I think you need to process the GCP 
> line/sample numbers for the recomposed image.

Thanks a lot for all those comments. I just want to give my opinion on 
the SLC products with bursts (not all the acquisition modes produce this 
I think). In such products, you have black separator lines (and it is 
quite funny to note that GCPs from metadata actually fall within those 
lines !) and acquisition time overlap between bursts. IMHO, how to deal 
with those product is the advanced SAR user problem, and gdal should not 
do anything about it. Trying to workaround the problem could even 
prevent users from doing things with those data : for instance, in the 
overlap area you have two independent measurements of the backscatter 
for the corresponding cell, which is surely an interesting information 
to use.



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