[gdal-dev] Creating a GeoPackage with multiple tile raster source in gdal 2.1.0

Gane R gane.prog at gmail.com
Tue May 17 08:08:32 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I am using a pre-build version of gdal 2.1.0. I am able to create GeoTIFF
to GeoPackage using gdal_translate.

I see from the Geopackage specification I understand that Geopackage can
have multiple tile sources, If so

Q1: How to I add a tilesource to an exisiting geopackage from a GeoTIFF ?
any command line or any workflow sequence will be of great help.

Q2: If a geopackage has multiple Geopackage tile raster, If I wish to
convert any one to a geotiff how will I do ? Should I used OGR Select layer
or how ??

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