[gdal-dev] GeoPDF

Frank Broniewski frank.broniewski at gmail.com
Wed May 18 07:50:03 PDT 2016


I want to turn my QGIS map composer PDF into a GeoPDF or a geospatial 
PDF. Unfortunately that is not supported, just on a per layer basis from 
within the main program. I could export my map to TIFF with a world file 
and use GDAL on that, but I'd like to maintain the vectors and text in 
the output.
Since GDAL supports the creation of GeoPDF, I'd like to ask if there is 
some kind of documentation on the web where the standard is described of 
if someone knows an OpenSource library which supports the creation of 
I thought of writing a, preferable in Python, program which would add 
the necessary tags and data to the PDF in order to turn it into a 
GeoPDF. But I am already stuck at the beginning, because I simply cannot 
find a good standard documentation. What does GDAL do to turn a raster 
file into a GeoPDF? I guess I could read the source, but I have no clue 
on the C-language so I thought I ask here beforehand.



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