[gdal-dev] GSoC GDAL DWG Support [Week 1]

Борзых Александр Андреевич 191980 at niuitmo.ru
Sat May 28 04:31:24 PDT 2016

Hello devs,

Full report is posted in my blog<http://gsoc2016gdaldwg.blogspot.ru/2016/05/week-1-report.html>.

1. This week I've done:
1. Added support to geometries: Ray, MText, MLine, Raster, XLine, 3DFace, Polyline Pface, and added reading of Dimensions (7 types) on internal level (libopencad cad read it, but doesnot provide 'access' to it by its API).
2. Tested reading of Raster Images.
3. Code refactoring.

2. Plan on doing next week:

  *   Write google tests for correct opening of large files with big amount of geometries and layers.

Start implementing reading of LineTypes and by-block reading.

  *   Extend supported geometries list with new ones.

3. Blocking:
I am not really stucked on anything, except I recently tried to add CRC calculation to the library, and did not get a correctly working feature.
I am getting stucked from time-to-time because of mistakes/mistypes in ODA DWG Specification, because some of them can be found only by bruteforcing possible variants what they have wanted to say.

Best regards,
Alexandr Borzykh
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