[gdal-dev] Multithread deadlock

Francisco Javier Calzado francisco.javier.calzado at ericsson.com
Mon Oct 3 02:34:39 PDT 2016

Thank you so much Even. It is working like a charm!

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> I don't think this comes from GDALPam, but rather from the lower level 
> machinery of GDALRasterBand & GDALRasterBlock. As I said before, 
> multi- threaded writing has never properly worked and I'm not sure if 
> the issue you see is just an implementation bug or a design bug.

OK, after investigation, it was just an implementation bug. A lack of mutex in
GetLockedBlock() that caused IReadBlock() & IWriteBlock() to be called from 2 different threads on the same dataset.

Fixed per https://trac.osgeo.org/gdal/ticket/6665

I think the issue was mostly due to using the low level
GetLockedBlock()/MarkDirty()/DropLock() interfaces, and that people using
RasterIO(GF_Read/GF_Write) should be immune to that bug due to locks being already taken at that stage.

Anyway fixed now (with a new test case similar to yours). Thanks for the reproducers.


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