[gdal-dev] Shapefile auto-repacking now done by default

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Fri Oct 7 13:46:27 PDT 2016


This is a subject I raised some time ago. Seeing all the issues that the past 
behaviour (non repacking) causes in QGIS with its interoperability with other 
software, and the fact that QGIS must have logic to decide whether and when to 
issue the REPACK command that doesn't really belong to that application layer, 
I finally implemented in trunk shapefile auto repacking by default at dataset 
closing and FlushCache()/SyncToDisk() time.

This is controlled by the new AUTO_REPACK open and layer creation options 
(that default to YES).

One thing I didn't implement is auto repack if no action that required it has 
been done in the current session. For example imagine that you edit a shapefile 
that had holes before opening, and just append features to it, REPACK will not 
be automatically done. Could be done, but perhaps costly in some use cases.


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