[gdal-dev] Request for comments on Rasterio documentation

Sean Gillies sean at mapbox.com
Fri Sep 9 00:26:22 PDT 2016

Hi all,

I've been working on an open source project called Rasterio,
https://github.com/mapbox/rasterio, which is an attempt to unite the
unique, best parts of GDAL with modern Python language features. Rasterio
is a package of Python C extension modules. It loads libgdal like the SWIG
bindings does, but does not import osgeo.gdal at all.

As a part of my push to release Rasterio 1.0 this fall, I'm writing a lot
of documentation. One particular document is called "Switching from GDAL’s
Python bindings."


It's not a manifesto for why a developer should switch, but a comparison of
the osgeo.gdal and rasterio modules and a summary of the gotchas and
lifelines. I would be very grateful for comments on the doc. Does it
explain the similarities between the SWIG bindings and Rasterio adequately?
Does it answer any questions that you've had about Rasterio?

Comments may be left at https://github.com/mapbox/rasterio/issues/872,
addressed to me personally, or here on gdal-dev as long as they're on topic
(primarily about the GDAL data model and implementation).

Thanks very much in advance,

Sean Gillies
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