[gdal-dev] WFS driver bug1

Odd Ragnar Lydersen Odd-Ragnar.Lydersen at powel.no
Wed Sep 28 05:00:36 PDT 2016

When I'm using the WFS driver for version 1.0.0, or version 1.1.0 then I get some error messages back from GDAL, when the service is password protected.
I have not tested this for version 2.x.

Here is what I have found out:

1)      Calls to CPLHTTPFetch() from OGRWFSDataSource::HTTPFetch() is sent with UserPwd in papszOptions parameter.

2)      Calls to CPLHTTPFetch() from OGRGMLDataSource::Open() is sent without UserPwd in papszOptions parameter,
in fact the calls from the GML driver is always called with the parameter set to NULL .

Even though I get these errors, I'm still able to read features from the service.

But why are the calls in the GML driver, (on behalf of the WFS driver), made without UserPwd in papszOptions parameter?

I have attached some output from the calls tack, so you can see which calls are causing this behaviour.

Best regards
Odd-Ragnar Lydersen
System Developer

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