[gdal-dev] configure: error: HDF4 support requested with arg "/usr/lib/hdf4", but neither hdf4 nor mfhdf lib found

Charles Dosantos devquestions2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 04:06:39 PDT 2017


I am trying to build gdal 2.1.3 on centos , but running into this error.
Many people have reported similar errors.
Is there any solution for it ?

hdf4 drivers build were configured using and the build seemed okay.

./configure --with-jpeg=/usr/lib/jpeglib --disable-netcdf --disable-fortran

gdal configure command I used

: ./configure   --with-hdf4=/mnt/nfs/share1/software/hdf4 --disable-netcdf

Folder /usr/lib/hdf4/lib contains the libraries.

ls on  /usr/lib/hdf4/lib returns

libdf.a  libdf.la  libhdf4.settings  libmfhdf.a  libmfhdf.la

Thanks !
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