[gdal-dev] [Geoserver-devel] GML lat-lon coverages and interoperability

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Mon Apr 10 07:23:31 PDT 2017

On lundi 10 avril 2017 15:57:03 CEST Andrea Aime wrote:
> Hi Even,
> in CIS 1.1 they state:
> Coverages are assumed to have a 1:1 correlation between the axis names
> given in axis-Labels and gridLabels, i.e.: they shall relate pairwise,
> given by their sequence position. For example, axisLabels=“Lat Long h date”
> and gridLabels={i j k l} implies a correspondence of Lat with i, Long with
> j, h with k, and date with l.
> If there is no 1:1 correspondence between geographic and raster space axis,
> then I see no other way but to use Function to explicitly correlate the two.
> How would you propose to proceed instead?

Well, Function might be helpful then (and happily ignored by code that assumes that usual 
raster order will be used). However I'm not sure in which way GDAL is involved in this 
discussion :-) Regarding GMLJP2, GDAL will ignore Function on reading it, and not write it. So 
I think that on the read side, that should be OK in practice. So, there could potentially be 
issues on the write side for rasters generated by GDAL and read by other software that 
would assume that a georeferencing with Lat Long order would imply the raster first axis to 
be Lat ? Or perhaps issues in the GDAL WCS client ? Perhaps Jukka could give more precisions 
if there are actual interoperability problems.


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