[gdal-dev] MBTiles minimum zoom level definition

Bernardo Fabiani bernardo at terramagna.com.br
Sun Apr 16 06:51:21 PDT 2017

Hi, list

I’m using gdal_translate and gdaladdo to generate MBTiles following the
documentation here <http://www.gdal.org/frmt_mbtiles.html>.

By reading previous threads
<https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/gdal-dev/2016-April/044130.html>, I’ve
understood that gdal_translate determines the baseview zoom level based on
the original image resolution - if I’d like a higher level of zoom, I need
to upsample. That enabled the control of the *maximum* zoom level.

However, I when using gdaladdo <http://www.gdal.org/gdaladdo.html> and
inserting the levels option, I was not able to go past a certain ‘out zoom
level’. Also in here <http://www.gdal.org/frmt_mbtiles.html>, it is
explicitly mentioned that

If more overview levels are specified than available, the extra ones are
silently ignored.

*My question is*: how can I (directly or indirectly) specify the *minimum*
zoom level for a given image in MBTiles generation using gdal_translate?
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