[gdal-dev] Clarification about ownership of srs passed to GDALDatasetCreateLayer()?

Sean Gillies sean at mapbox.com
Fri Apr 21 01:57:16 PDT 2017

Hi all,

I've written some C code (in one of Fiona's extension modules) that

1. sets a OGRSpatialReferenceH using OSRSetFromUserInput()
2. passes this OGRSpatialReferenceH to GDALDatasetCreateLayer()
3. frees the OGRSpatialReferenceH using OSRDestroySpatialReference()
4. adds feature definitions and features to the layer
4. calls GDALClose() on the layer's dataset

When using the Shapefile driver, this code always works. When using the
GPKG driver on Mac OS X and Windows (reports at
https://github.com/Toblerity/Fiona/issues/441) sporadic crashes occur in
OGRSpatialReference::Release() as the dataset is closed and the table,
feature definition, and geometry field definition is torn down.

Does a created layer take ownership of the OGRSpatialReferenceH? What's the
difference in the implementation of Shapefile and GPKG layers?

Thanks in advance!

Sean Gillies
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