[gdal-dev] GDAL 2.2.0 beta 2 available

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Sun Apr 23 05:58:00 PDT 2017


As there have already been a number of changes, I have prepared a Beta 2 for GDAL/OGR 
2.2.0. I think we can still aim for a RC1 at end of the week.

The source is available at:


A snapshot of the Python autotest suite can be downloaded from:


Changes since beta1 :
- GeoJSON: improve/fix field type promotion
- OGRGeometryFactory::organizePolygons(): return POLYGON EMPTY when - nPolygonCount 
== 0
- Remove all direct uses of json_tokener_parse_ex(); use OGRJSonParse() instead
- Set string length for libjson parser in OGRJSonParse.
- GeoJSON: fix crash if NATIVE_MEDIA_TYPE creation option is specified alone
- validate_gpkg: fix validation of req 62
- Python bindings: accept unicode strings as field name argument in Feature (like SetField, 
GetField, etc...) and FeatureDefn methods
- javadoc.java: fix signature for get/set datetime methods
gdalwarp: fix crash when -multi and -to RPC_DEM are used together (fixes #6869)
- NITF: add support for writing JPEG2000 compressed images with JP2OpenJPEG driver; fix 
writing with JP2KAK driver (emit codestream only instead of JP2 format); fix setting of 
NBPR/NBPC/NPPBH/NPPBV fields for JPEG2000 (fixes #4322); in JP2ECW case, make sure 
that the default PROFILE=NPJE implies 1024 block size at the NITF level
- Fix hErrorMutex leak if GDALAllRegister is not called
- OGRParse: fix parsing logic to avoid false positive detection of string as datetime (#6867)
- GMLAS: improve swe:DataArray support and add swe:DataRecord support
- PDF: fix compilation with C++11 compiler and Poppler 0.15 from CentOS/RHEL 6
- Add CPLString(const char*, n) constructor (and some cleanup for ancient unsupported 
MSVC versions)
- GeoRaster driver: support for JP2-F compression, support direct loading of - - JPEG-F when 
blocking=no, default blocking increased from 256x256 to 512x512 (#6861)
- OpenJpeg driver: support direct extracting of GeoRaster JP2-F BLOB (#6861)
- OCI driver: support for long identifiers (up to 128 long) when running of 12.2 or +  (#6866)
- OCILOB VSIL driver: new driver to streams in and out of Oracle BLOB as a GDAL large virtual 
file system (#6861)
- netCDF: fix compilation with VS2015
- GTX: fix behaviour of SHIFT_ORIGIN_IN_MINUS_180_PLUS_180=YES when origin is at -180
- GTiff: map D_North_American_1927 datum citation name to OGC 
North_American_Datum_1927 so that datum is properly recognized (fixes #6863)
- MBTiles: fix setting of minzoom when computing overviews out of order
- Fix runtime of Python VRT derived bands with numpy 1.3 of RHEL 6
- GPKG: fix compilation error with sqlite3 < 3.7.8
- OSM: rename constant variable to knPAGE_SIZE to avoid clash with Cygwin's #define 
PAGE_SIZE in /usr/include/limits.h
- CSV: fix comparison broken in r36979 (fixes #6862)
- MBTiles: do not open .mbtiles that contain vector tiles, which are not supported by the 
- netCDF: add a HONOUR_VALID_RANGE=YES/NO open option to control whether pixel 
values outside of the validity range should be set to the nodata value (#6857)
- DTED: correctly create files at latitudes -80, -75, -70 and -50 (#6859)
- Internal libgeotiff: hide symbols in --with-hide-internal-symbols mode
- configure: propagate -fvisibility=hidden in --with-hide-internal-symbols mode in 
- Shape: do not export Shapelib symbols for builds --with-hide-internal-symbols (#6860)
- GPKG: do not change application_id/user_version when appending a raster to an existing 
- GPKG: do not warn on gpkg_schema extension


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