[gdal-dev] ERROR when requesting raster data outside coverage of VRT

Casper Børgesen caboe at sdfe.dk
Wed Apr 26 03:43:45 PDT 2017

Hi Even,

Thanks for your reply. I think I get it now.

Well, a VRT dataset is a GDAL dataset, so there's no difference from API usage when requesting a VRT or a GeoTIFF

You can use ds.RasterXSize / ds.RasterYSize to know the VRT dimensions and check if x + width > ds.RasterXSize or y + height > ds.RasterYSize

Okay, so as long as I stay within the VRT bbox I can request data. If I request data inside the VRT bbox even though it doesn't have GeoTIFF coverage there, I will still get a result (consisting of zeros)?

This is indeed a conveniency of gdal_translate itself. Using ReadAsArray() you must stick to the dataset dimensions.

And I find it very convenient :)

Regards, Casper
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