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Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Sat Aug 19 07:09:18 PDT 2017

Hi Richard,

> I'd like to be able to read ArcGIS Raster Geodatabases from within GDAL.
> Based on some previous work by Even Roualt and James Ramm, I have a
> working program to extract data and projections into GeoTIFFs available
> here <https://github.com/r-barnes/ArcRasterRescue>.

That's great !

> There are still a few things to figure out, but this is functional
> enough that it may be useful to people and, since I don't have access to
> a large set of geodatabases, it's difficult to for me to get ahold of
> the exotic examples which would help flesh it out. There are also some
> things we may never know about the format because they are not used in
> the wild, so perhaps everything is already working! For this reason, I
> think it would be useful to build this into GDAL, and I'm willing to
> give it a shot.

Even if it doesn't cover all cases, we can start with what you've already figured out and add/
fix things later.

> However, I'm not entirely sure how to proceed.
> Since there are commonalities with the OGR OpenFileGDB plug-in, I could
> copy that code wholesale and make the necessary modifications, though
> this seems wasteful.
> I could also modify the existing code, but then the plugin would be for
> both GDAL and OGR, which seems to break the separation between the two
> that I see in the source.

This separation is historic, and we now have drivers that have both raster and vector 
capabilities, e.g. the GeoPackage one

So I think the raster side of the driver could/should be added within the existing driver. You 
would benefit from the low-level lib implemented in filegdbtable.cpp (would probably need 
some tweaking to deal with the raster tables), instead of redevelopping it as you seemed to 
have done in your prototype. I can imagine raster tables would be exposed as GDAL 
subdatasets and you would open them with "OPENFILEGDB:my.gdb:rastername"

> If you have thoughts about what is best, drop me a line off-channel and
> we'll see if we can figure something out.

We can also perhaps create a dedicated Trac ticket for further discussions on this so 
interested parties can follow.


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