[gdal-dev] vrt: prevent opening all source files on open?

Vincent Schut schut at satelligence.com
Mon Aug 28 03:20:12 PDT 2017


Is there a way (or: what are the prerequisites) to avoid gdal opening 
all source files from a vrt on opening the vrt?

Context: I have created a large vrt, referencing many tif files. Both 
the vrt and tifs are remote (using /vsigs/). It works, but opening (e.g. 
running gdalinfo) is very slow.

I have a comparable vrt where the main difference is that it references 
.hgt files instead of tifs. Running gdalinfo on this vrt is almost 

As there are no other significant differences otherwise, I wonder if 
this is because if the vrt machinery encounters a tif, it starts to 
check if there are any accompanying overviews (or other important 
metadata), while it does not do that for a .hgt file? Or is there a 
different reason? And how can I prevent this (without, preferably, 
changing to a different source file format)?


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