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I am sorry, if you experiencing this message again. I am re-sending this message again (bothering many of you with the same problem), but unfortunately I have encountered some registration problems with gdal-dev, and thus, I am not sure, whether my first post got "through",
When looking back on my initial problem/question, is is all about producing a scale-true print of a PDF: In a 1:5000 print, one unit on the paper is to correspond with 5000 units in reality. This is the heart of my problem.
I beg your pardon.

Hi there,

I have a problem creating a GeoPDF with a proper page-size, and I want to know how to solve it.

I am producing a GeoPDF from some pre-rendered raster, for which I specify a proper projection window and SRS.

I need to have an A-format sized PDF-created (say A4 portrait: 210 x 297 millimeters).

I want a print-quality of say 200 DPI. Thus, I create the pre-rendered raster as:

Width: 210 / 25.4 * 200  ~ 1653 pixels

Height: 297 / 25.4 * 200  ~ 2339 pixels

When using gdal-translate I specify DPI=200 and a proper projwin and Srs.

When opening the produced PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader, the PDF is perfectly geocoded, but AAR is not reporting the size of the PDF as one would expect. The actual size reported by AAR is:

22.97 x 32.49 in

but one would expect it to be:

Width: 210 / 25.4 = 8,267.. in

Height: 297 / 25.4 = 11,692.. in

Furthermore, when the PDF is opened with AAR, the zoom-factor of AAR is 59.3%, but I would very much like it to be 100%.

Can I somehow accomplish this using the new WRITE_USERUNITS option, or what?

Thank you!


Aron Olsen

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