[gdal-dev] Best vector driver?

Kurt Schwehr schwehr at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 07:19:43 PST 2017

Hey all,

What are the top couple vector drivers in terms of being up-to-date w.r.t.
API changes?  I'm finally trying to start into adding code and I've got a
couple vector drivers I'd like to write.  I've started reading RFC 46
(GDAL/OGR unification), but I'm trying to figure out the cleanest setup of
the driver, data source and layers classes.  I've spent tons of time with
line by line issues, but that gives me very little sense of where we want
GDAL vector drivers to converge to.

Thoughts on what are the best couple drivers to pattern after?


Drivers on my wish list to work on: IMMA/ICOADS/VOS marine weather, libais,
and gpsd
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