[gdal-dev] DXF driver MTEXT objects properties.

Nikolai Bezdna mofoyoda at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 12:37:21 PST 2017


I’d like to know if it’s possible to retrieve some properties for MTEXT objects from DXF driver:
Are "Text alignment X", "Text alignment Y", "Text alignment Z" params being read? 
I guess they should go to the “dx" and “dy" properties of OGR_STYLE.
When Justify MTEXT param goes to the “p” style property, it really indicates alignment relative to the anchor point, not the insertion point of the text. So it really makes sense when dx and dy are fetched from DXF.
Also Style MTEXT param should go to the “f” style property (or any other:)…right now I can’t get an exact font used for a label in DXF. “f” style param defaults to Arial, but ignores the values in DXF.


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