[gdal-dev] Gdal and Open Data Cube

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Fri Jun 2 06:20:34 PDT 2017

On vendredi 2 juin 2017 14:28:18 CEST Julien Michel wrote:
> Dear all,
> There is a lot of activity around this Open Data Cube [1] initiative,
> which seems promising. As far as I understand it however, what we can do
> with data in the datacube is limited to what the python API allows you
> to do. Is there any plan (and does it even make sense ?) to have a gdal
> driver that allows to address data ingested in a datacube instance ?

I've just discovered this project, and browsed quickly through the docs at
http://datacube-core.readthedocs.io/en/latest/, so the following might be not really 

According to
http://datacube-core.readthedocs.io/en/latest/user/intro.html , it seems that ingested data 
is put in tiled netCDF files, and referenced in a PostgreSQL database (not clear if the files are 
blob in the DB or in the filesystem)

So if the data itself is stored in the filesystem, a driver could probably read the metadata in 
the DB and create some sort of virtual mosaic around the tiles. If their database schema is 
stable enough (it doesn't seem to be formally documented or I didn't find where), the driver 
could probably read it directly. Otherwise if the DB schema may change, then yes you'd need 
to use their Python API. Could be a potential use case for my experimental concept of GDAL 
drivers written in Python (*). What would be fun here is that given they use GDAL, their 
Python API probably uses GDAL under the hood, so you would have GDAL core -> 
OpenDataCube driver in Python -> OpenDataCube Python API -> GDAL SWIG Python bindings 
-> GDAL core -> netCDF driver ;-)


(*) https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/gdal-dev/2017-April/046526.html

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