[gdal-dev] ISO-11783, known as Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry

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You have to pay for the spec. Its

On Jun 10, 2017 10:05 AM, "Paul Meems" <bontepaarden at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi List,

I need to export my tiff file to ISOBUS (ISO-11783), which is a standard
for the agriculture.
In short I create a task map which will be loaded into a terminal of a
tractor and the terminal will manage the, for example, crop duster to spray
more or less according the the task map (using GPS).

Before I'm going to try to implement this by myself I want to check if
somebody already has made a converter (preferable using GDAL).

Useful links:
I haven't found the link to the specifications, yet.

You have to pay for the specification.

I assume you're talking about task controller (ISO-11783 - 10)

For a treatment zone grid, the binary file is just an list of treatment
zones numbers as unsigned 8-bit entities (origin lower left -- southwest).
You also need to create the XML GRD object for the treatment zones.  The
binary spec. for process data values is more complicated.  You need to get
a copy of the spec in order to implement this, I think.  You can write me
off list if you have specific questions.
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