[gdal-dev] gdalmanage enhancement proposal

M. LATTES mathieu.lattes at yahoo.fr
Tue Jun 20 04:33:54 PDT 2017

Hi everybody,
Using GDAL I've made an utility program to rename raster datasets using theire SRS coordinates.I made it to rename datasets downloaded from different sources, so they have a consistent naming pattern or to update the name after a SRS change with gdalwarp. 

There is the possibility to choose a prefix, a suffix, a corner (W/N by default) of the bounding box of the dataset as reference point.It's also possible to specify a separator for coordinates values, the numeric format of coordinates (integer, double), the number of digits and the format of the sign (wheter or not using +/- , or N/S and E/W).There is also an option to output the rename shell commands in the console, instead of performing it (Usefull to generate batch rename shell commands). 

If the community think it can be helpfull, I can try to enhance the gdalmanage utility to add these options...

You can take a look at the original application here ‚Äčhttps://github.com/MattLatt/gdal_rename
Best regards. 

Mathieu Lattes
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