[gdal-dev] RV: question how to get spot and landsat share a common grid.

Fuchs Juan Carlos jfuch at indec.mecon.gov.ar
Fri Jun 23 11:18:59 PDT 2017

Let us introduce ourselves, we are a GIS team of the Cartographic division
of INDEC (the national census buro of Argentina), we are working on the next
national Agricultural Census 2018, which will be carried out on Tablets with
Android O.S., running Leaflet to show the maps.


We have strong storage restrictions (SD 16 GB memory) and the hole program
(images included) has to run local on the tablet (no internet signal in the
most areas to be covered)


We get an province wide 30mts. LANDSAT mosaic, resampled at 15mts with the
monocromatic band (each pair: census tacker/tablet) are restricted to only
one province.


But for some zones (intensive agricultural use) we need SPOT 2,5 mts images.


We get to generate the tiled pyramid of the 15mts landsat, using GDAL

gdal2tiles.py -t "BS AS" -c INDEC -z 0-8 -e -d -a 0 -p raster -v -s
EPSG:22185 -r cubic /BsAsGK5.tif /tiles_bs_as


After that we convert the png files to jpg, using :

find tiles_bsas -iname '.png' | while read i; do mogrify -format jpg "$i" &&
rm "$i"; echo "Converted $i to ${i%.}.jpg"; done


Here is our question: How should we generate the tiled pyramids of the 2,5
mts SPOT images in a way that both images use the same grid without
'resampling' the whole landsat to 2,5mts, of course, hoping to make one web
tile tree that goes down to 2.5 meters in some places, but only down to
15meters in other places. (as Frank Warmerdam clearly put out)


If you are willing to give us some advice, we will send you the link`s to
some sample images.


Link to LANDSAT 15mts. example (prov of BsAs) 6.5GB

Link to SPOT 2,5mts. example (Department of San Pedro) 2.3Gb


Thank`s in advance




Arqto. - Mgster.  Juan Carlos Fuchs
Sistema de Información Geográfica

Instructor y Soporte de Firma Digital
Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos - INDEC
Av. Julio A. Roca 609, 8° piso, of. 807/808 - CABA (1067)
Tel.: 54 11 4349-9704 - 4349-9702/03/05/06/08/00


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