[gdal-dev] Hacking the new Landsat pixel_qa help...

Jonathan Greenberg jgreenberg at unr.edu
Thu May 4 15:53:47 PDT 2017


USGS, in their infinite wisdom, decided to embed what is effectively a
1-bit, 16-band byte-interleaved-by-pixel image into a 16-bit, single-band
geotiff for the Landsat quality mask.  I could write some crazy translation
program that "reverse engineers" the data, but I was wondering if there is
some way to "hack" or translate the file by simply redefining the "header"
(change the number type to 1-bit, number of layers to 16, interleave to
BIP).  Any suggestions for how to do this?

I dropped an example file here:


To be clear, the "displayed" number has no real meaning, the information is
embedded into the set of individual bits in each of the 16 positions.

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