[gdal-dev] Extracting keys & values from OSM Planet

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Tue Nov 21 04:33:51 PST 2017

* Even Rouault <even.rouault at spatialys.com> [2017-11-20 15:59:51 +0100]:

>On lundi 20 novembre 2017 15:48:20 CET Nikos Alexandris wrote:
>> * Even Rouault <even.rouault at spatialys.com> [2017-11-07 22:37:02 +0100]:
>> >> 2. Is OGR handling well the conversion from .osm to ESRI Shapefiles?
>> >
>> >Yes, but within the limits ot the shapefile, and particularly .dbf format:
>> >limitation to 254 characters for field values, 10 characters for field
>> >names... which are easily violated by OSM extracts.
>> >
>> >Spatialite, GeoPackage, PostGIS etc. would be better choices as output
>> >format>
>> >> 3. What is the way to split "other_tags" in multiple new fields *when*
>> >> knowing exactly which tags are contained and should be obtained?
>> >
>> >Edit osmconf.ini to add in the attributes= settings the tag names you're
>> >interested in.
>> >
>> >Even
>> Dear List,
>> in a custom .ini file, under the [points] layer, an `attributes=`
>> instruction set of values that includes `natural,cave_entrance` (key and
>> value under OSM's Natural key), well extracts for the points layer some
>> existing nodes which bear the tag `natural:cave_entrance`.
>> It is not required, as far as I understand the documentation, to include
>> both the parent key and any values (under it) of interest. Perhaps it may
>> be practical to have the attributes of interest split in a separate column.
>> The command I tested, for example, is:
>> ```
>> ogr2ogr --config OSM_CONFIG_FILE custom.ini -f SQLite -dsco SPATIALITE=YES
>> -gt 65536 -progress output.sqlite source.osm ```
>> While this is sufficient for the work I am doing (I can filter
>> `cave_entrance`s out from the `natural` column in the `output.sqlite` file),
>> I wonder why the entries for some nodes correctly bear the string
>> `cave_entrance` in the `natural` column, yet the `cave_entrance` column
>> itself is empty for the same entries.
>The attributes keyword in osmconf.ini will select OSM tags whose *key* is one of the item
>specified in attributes.
>If you want to filter by value, you may add a -where or -sql clause  with something like
>"natural = 'cave_entrance'"

Apologies for yet another message on this. OSM needs its time to
understand. What is somewhat confusing is the fact that some values,
e.g. 'drinking_water' for keys, i.e. 'natural', are also keys
themselves.  Anothr example is 'parking'. It can be the value in
the 'amenity=parking' tag or itself, being a key, "contains"
(sub-)values such as 'surface', 'multi-storey' and more.

It really takes to go through each and every key in OSM and see what
is of interest.

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