[gdal-dev] How to use -dstnodata in gdalwarp

sunil.chaudhary sunil.chaudhary at nwgeo.com
Mon Nov 27 13:21:01 PST 2017

Can someone give me the correct syntax on how to use -dstnodata in gdalwarp?
I'm having an issue where when I'm trying to use this option I'm getting
some unpredictable outputs

What I am trying to do is set the output no data value as black or 0, so for
my command line I put in the following: 

gdalwarp -dstnodata 0 GB_AB_z11_deflate.tif GB_AB_z11_deflate_nodata.tif

For the output what I would expect is that the black pixels would be set to
no data, what I am getting however is whenever the program see's a R value
as 0 it sets it to no data. So if I have a pixel with the value of 0 15 36
it sets the R as no data.

Am I using this parameter incorrectly, or is there a bug in the program? 

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