[gdal-dev] OGC announces a new standard that improves the way information is referenced to the earth

Roberto Ribeiro robertofig85 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 05:40:13 PDT 2017

I too took that understanding from the text, Ari. I'll read the specs
later, but since they mention a lot Big Data and the raster <> vector
integration, I imagine it is akin to a geometry collection, but
encompassing a wider range of data types, and arranged in a pyramid/r-tree
-esque environment for faster processing.

If so, it's not an entirely novel idea (Esri's File GDB is mostly that, as
well as the entire CAD modelling), but one that would be interesting to
have an open standard for.

2017/10/31 午前4:23 "Ari Jolma" <ari.jolma at gmail.com>:

> That also caught my eye. The text sounds a bit like marketing talk but
> maybe there is something.
> From a quick look my understanding is that the idea is to create a grid
> that divides the whole earth into cells of similar shape in a sequence of
> increasing cell size. And that sounds to me like a new idea.
> Any other thoughts? Did I get the idea right?
> Best,
> Ari
> Helmut Kudrnovsky kirjoitti 29.10.2017 klo 01:16:
>> Fyi
>> http://www.opengeospatial.org/pressroom/pressreleases/2656
>> "The goal of DGGS is to enable rapid assembly of spatial data without the
>> difficulties of working with projected coordinate reference systems. The
>> OGC
>> DGGS Abstract Specification standard defines the conceptual model and a
>> set
>> of rules for building highly efficient architectures for spatial data
>> storage, integration and analytics. ....."
>> -----
>> best regards
>> Helmut
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