[gdal-dev] Help with GPM Data

Rajesvari Parasa prkrajesvari3 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 14 00:25:58 PDT 2019


This is the first time that I am dealing with Global Precipitation
Measurement (GPM) datasets. I am downloading these from GES DISC. From the
site, only NetCDF and HDF5 format files are available for download. When I
open these in QGIS, I see that these are wrongly oriented. As if lat, long
values were inverted. Can gdal handle these formats?

If someone has worked with these formats before and converted them well
referenced GeoTIFFs, please help. I tried using panoply, tool developed by
nasa to interact with these formats, though I was able to visualise
properly, I couldn't export to a GeoTIFF.

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