[gdal-dev] Specifying output format gives wrong result

Schmitz, Uwe uwe.schmitz at bezreg-koeln.nrw.de
Mon Sep 2 03:24:41 PDT 2019


I try to filter a dem (456664_40m.tif) with the help of
a .vrt (456664gf.vrt) to get 456664gf.tif. The result is incorrect. 
It looks like it's slightly pushed together vertically in the middle of 
the dataset. Please look at 456664gf.tif, compare it to the
original 456664_40m.tif and you see what I mean.

The command is simple:
> gdal-config --version
> gdal_translate -ot Float32 -of GTiff 456664gf.vrt 456664gf.tif

Now the surprising: if I omit the "-of Float32" argument,
the result looks ok. It may be of interest that former versions
(2.1.x/2.2.x don't remember exactly) didn't have this

I uploaded the aforementioned files (zip archive) here:

Thanks in advance

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