[gdal-dev] ogr2ogr

Even Rouault even.rouault at spatialys.com
Thu Sep 5 02:47:30 PDT 2019

On mercredi 4 septembre 2019 18:33:13 CEST Reynolds, Scott wrote:
> A quick look at the GDAL source in
> gdal-3.0.1\ogr\ogrsf_frmts\aeronavfaa\ograeronavfaadatasource.cpp suggests
> that the code is not processing the file format correctly and therefore not
> identifying the file as a Daily DOF.  I would try to fix it, but I can't
> get PROJ to build on Windows using Visual Studio because CMake can't find
> SQLite binary.

You can fetch one of the last 4 SDKs listed at depending on your arch& 

They contain PROJ and other dependencies.

Or follow (and slightly adapt for paths) the build recipee at


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